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Prep Time 1 hr 30 mins
Total Time 1 hr 30 mins
Course Soup
Cuisine European
Servings (Default: 20)


Maultaschen Recipe
Maultaschen Recipe
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  1. Thaw the spinach in a colander. Possibly also in the microwave on defrost level, then squeeze out well.
  2. Then the first thing to do is to cut the onions into small cubes and cut the onion tubes into strips. Then sweat all of this with the diced pork belly in 1 tablespoon of margarine, then let cool down a little. Chop the parsley too.
  3. Put the minced meat, sausage meat, spinach, parsley and onion and bacon mixture in a very large bowl and add 4 eggs first. Salt and pepper and mix everything well. I knead it in my food processor because it`s a mushy thing and so it goes faster. When everything is mixed well, keep adding an egg. The meat dough should be very mushy, not firm at all, because everything should be easy to spread. There should be so many eggs in it because the meat dough should have a connection with the pasta dough. In my experience, around 10 eggs do this. Such a large amount of meat filling is difficult to season, so don`t be too careful with the seasoning or things will get a little bland.
  4. Now roll a roll of pasta dough on the work surface. To be absolutely sure that the pasta dough will stick to the meat filling, you can brush it with egg white. Spread the meat filling about 1 to 1.5 cm thick on the pasta dough. It`s best to work with your hands. Now the 2nd roll of pasta dough is rolled over the meat filling. Press everything down lightly. Leave something to create a connection between the meat filling and the pasta dough. Continue in this way until the pasta batter and meat batter are used up.
  5. In the meantime, bring plenty of well-salted water to the boil in a large saucepan.
  6. Using a knife or pizza cutter (roll disc), cut the filled dough sheets in the middle over the entire length, then cut these two strips in the middle again. Now there are four stripes. Now these strips are cut into squares with a width of 10-12 cm. I use my pizza cutter for this, so you can roll it back and forth so that the dough is also divided well. Now 6-8 Maultaschen are added to the boiling salted water. You should cook in it in 8-10 minutes with only slightly boiling water. The edges are open, that`s okay, so the cooking water turns into a broth. Take out the finished Maultaschen with the skimmer and drain in a sieve. Bring the cooking water to the boil again and add the next portion. Keep doing this until everyone is done. Before the next portion comes out of the water, I put the already drained Maultaschen on a plate to cool down. The water for the dumplings should only simmer slightly, otherwise the dough may come off. Occasionally you have to fill up the cooking water between servings, but only then bring it to the boil again.
  7. When everything is ready, you have a cloudy broth, do not throw it away, but strain it and keep it as a broth for the Maultaschen. It is also easy to freeze or it can be used as a broth for the potato salad.
  8. When the Maultaschen have cooled down, they are shrink-wrapped and frozen in portions.
  9. We eat them either in the broth or lightly seared with potato salad. Also cut into wide strips and fried, with an egg whipped with milk on top, they taste good and it`s quick.