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Prep Time 30 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine European
Servings (Default: 1)


Peppermint Liqueur
Peppermint Liqueur
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  1. Rinse and dry the fresh peppermints and lemon balm leaves. Put the peppermints in a bottle with the stems up.
  2. Add lemon balm leaves and cloves and fill everything up with the corn brandy.
  3. Close the bottle tightly and let the liquor brew in a warm place for 20 days. Then take out the sprigs of mint and taste the mixture.
  4. If the peppermint taste is intense enough, filter the mixture. If a more intense taste is preferred, fresh sprigs of mint can be added to the mixture again. Try the approach again after a few days.
  5. Dissolve the sugar completely in 150 milliliters of warm water. Sweeten the filtered liqueur mixture with the sugar water solution, adding more or less to the solution depending on your taste.
  6. Let the finished liqueur mature in the bottle in a warm place for a while.
  7. The longer the peppermint liqueur is stored, the more harmonious it becomes in taste.
  8. VARIANT: Prepare the liqueur with fennel green instead of peppermint.