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Prep Time 15 mins
Total Time 1 hr 15 mins
Course Salad
Cuisine European
Servings (Default: 4)


Swiss Sausage Salad À La Kaary
Swiss Sausage Salad À La Kaary
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  1. Cut meat loaf and cheese slices into strips. Roughly mix both in a bowl so that the cheese strips separate well from each other. Peel and halve the onion. Cut the halves into thin slices and add. Cut the pickles into thin slices and place in the bowl. Add vinegar and oil and then season with salt, pepper and a good pinch of paprika powder. Then mix well. It is best to leave it in the refrigerator for a good hour before serving, season again with salt and pepper if necessary.
  2. A crispy farmer`s bread from the wood-fired oven tastes best with it.