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Prep Time 25 mins
Total Time 25 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine European
Servings (Default: 2)


Blubb0rs Carrot Stew for Beginners
Blubb0rs Carrot Stew for Beginners
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  1. Peel and chop the potatoes and carrots.
  2. Now fry the minced meat in a large, tall saucepan and season well with salt and pepper. Add the chopped potatoes and carrots - do not stir!
  3. Now pour in water, about enough to cover half of the ingredients with water, put the lid on the pot and let it simmer for about 30 minutes.
  4. Make a quick test whether the vegetables are really soft-boiled (if not, just let them cook a little more) and now properly crush everything with a pounder and pound it flat. The consistency is correct if it results in a firm mass, it can also be softer, but should not have the character of a soup. If there is not enough water, simply add a little more water.
  5. When the stew has been brought to the right firmness, season everything well with salt, pepper and vegetable stock and mix in the parsley.
  6. Serve with fresh rolls and enjoy.