Pilaf with Meatballs

by Editorial Staff

Pilaf with meatballs (kaimali palov) is an ancient, classic version of pilaf cooking, which has a delicate and refined taste. The meatball pilaf is quick and the recipe is simple.


  • Rice – 1 kg
  • Fatty lamb or beef (pulp) – 1 kg
  • Carrots – 600 g
  • Onions – 500 g
  • Salt – 6 teaspoon
  • Zira – 6 teaspoon
  • Ground red pepper (sweet or hot) – 1-2 teaspoon
  • Ground black pepper – 2 teaspoon
  • Vegetable oil – 300 g


  1. First of all, peel and wash 500 grams of onions. Cut 250 grams into half rings, 250 grams – into small cubes.
  2. We pass through a meat grinder 1 kilogram of fatty beef or lamb.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of cumin and 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper to the minced meat, mix. Add the onion, cut into small cubes, and mix everything well again.
  4. Dip your hands in vegetable oil and shape the meatballs the size of a walnut. We put it on a board or baking sheet, oiled, and send it to the refrigerator. The pilaf meatballs are ready.
  5. We clean and wash 600 grams of carrots. Cut the carrots into strips approximately 4 millimeters thick.
  6. Pour 300 milliliters of vegetable or ghee oil into the cauldron, or in half. We heat the oil until the first smoke. We lay onion cut into half rings.
  7. Fry the onion until golden brown. Add the prepared carrots, mix. Add 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper, 5 teaspoons of lightly ground cumin and 1-2 teaspoons of red ground sweet or hot pepper, mix.
  8. Add 1.8 liters of cold water to the cauldron. Bring to a boil. Add 5 teaspoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar.
  9. We take out the meatballs from the refrigerator and put them in a cauldron. Bring to a boil, make a small fire.
  10. While the zirvak is boiling, prepare the rice. We wash one kilogram of rice well in cold water, change the water 4-5 times until the water becomes clear. We discard the rice in a colander.
  11. Put the rice in an even layer in a cauldron on top of the meatballs
  12. We make the highest possible fire under the cauldron and evaporate all the liquid.
    After the moisture has completely evaporated with a slotted spoon, collect the rice to the middle of the cauldron with a slide, make 5 holes with a wooden stick so that the remaining moisture from the bottom of the cauldron evaporates.
  13. We make a very small fire under the cauldron, cover with a towel and a lid. The evaporation time of rice depends on its type and takes from 20 to 40 minutes.
  14. After 20 minutes, remove the cauldron from the heat, remove the lid, gently mix the pilaf with the meatballs.
    Let stand for 5 minutes and put the pilaf with meatballs on a plate.

Bon appetit!

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